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Dear Job Seekers, 

Before we go into writing a sample resume letter, do you ever wonder why you keep sending out your resumes and yet you receive no responses from your prospective employers?

Or you think your resumes are not properly written or crafted or just do not know how to improve to sell yourself well to get the job desired. As such, writing a good and impressive resume is important to get you short-listed and getting your desired job.

It is not just a sample resume letter that you will get. The resume services you will get will include interview strategies on how to prepare your past employment history and engaging the interviewers.

How you furnish in your past employment history will be gauged against you whether you are a job hopper,  a person cannot take job pressure or a poor performance worker. The author will offer you the resume help to avoid and counter all these issues.

Engaging the job interviewers is another art and skill to develop. It is not just great resumes and cover letter alone, how you speak, act and your body language will tell the entire self about you! The author will teach you all the skill as well.

Of course, not forgetting on how to craft effective resume and cover letter. The author will share with you how the resume and cover letter work hand-in-hand. It is not just an effective resume write-out alone and ignoring the cover letter or vice versa. A well-crafted resume will show your strength and achievements and a well-written cover letter will summarize all your resume and show the reader’s interest to get to know you.

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To summarize the above, what you will receive is as follows:

1.0  Interview Strategies:
       1.1  How to prepare for your past employment history :
             This is  very  important  preparation for your job interview. Many of them went for their job interviews,                  be it junior or senior positions, most of them spending or wasting their time in furnishing the job interview                form for their past employment history at their prospective companies. We also touch on salary  
             negotiation topic as well.

       1.2  How to engage the job interviewer :

              Human Resource and Head Hunter agencies in the job seeking industry have mentioned many times in                   newspaper, TV media or forum comments that your first impression counts before the interviewers
              go into further details of your job strength and achievements. It shows no credibility to yourself even if 
              you are big time professional in your respective fields and if you dress sluggishly, totally no matching  
              clothing or untidiness and all the unpleasant disposition for a job interview.

2.0 Crafting your resume and cover letter strategies :
      2.1 How to craft effective resume :

           Many job seekers like to have fanciful images and layout on their resume write-out. To be frank, it will not 
           appear to be impressive nor will it impress any experienced HR staff or manager. Please take note, you                are seeking for a job to showcase of your ability and strength in your field of work or professional areas.

     2.2 How to craft effective cover letter :
         Why is crafting a well-written cover letter is so important? Sometimes, busy bosses or HR managers like to           look at your cover letter before your detailed resume. If you give a good summary of your job description,           strength and achievements, you are just on your way to get the job as immediate as before or after the 
          interview ends! Why is it so? Just buy and take a look at our sample resume and cover letter and you will 
          understand the reasons.

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